Friday, 25 September 2009

No messin'!

So John Smeaton is to stand as a candidate in the Glasgow North East by-election. The opening salvo of his campaign is shown below, and is well worth a watch:

More common sense in those 5 minutes than I've heard in quite a while from the professional politicians! Much as I'd love to see him "batter down the doors" at Westminster I fear for the lad's chances. How long before the first smears appear in the press? Desmond Tutu could stand for Glasgow North East and, after a sly word from John Smith house, the papers would denounce him as a frock-wearing tranny.

And even if Smeaton makes it down to Westminster how will his parliamentary colleagues treat him? If Michael Martin was derided as Gorbals Mick then what does fate have in store for Smeaton? How do you think the Westminster boys' club will react to the new boy from the rough estate at the edge of town? Chin up John, set aboot them!