Thursday, 13 October 2011

UK Citizenship Revoked

I just stumbled across the practice version of the United Kingdom Official Citizenship Test. Needless to say I thought it would be a laugh to spend 5 minutes having a go. Lo and behold...

You're barred!
Whoops! Quite a long way from the 75% pass rate needed. Have a go yourself if you're brave enough and let me know your score via the comments. NB there are some clues as to what to expect below, so if you prefer to go blindly into the test do so now!

Amongst the various questions that tripped me up were such vital pieces of information as...
  • The year in which women gained the right to divorce their husbands
  • The number of days each year that a school must be open
  • The number of people in the UK under 19
The crazy part is that the last of those had 4 options from which to choose: 13 million; 14 million; 15 million; 16 million. Not the usual namby pamby, bloody obvious, multiple choice answers here matey! Oh no. We can't have answers of, say, 2 million, 15 million, 30 million and 14 juvenile hippos. Why, somebody might actually know only roughly the right answer. We can't let that sort in.

Amusingly one of the questions was as follows: Which of the following TWO types of people get their prescriptions free of charge? The choices were: Over 60s; Under 18s; Pregnant women or those with a nipper <12 months old; people on the minimum wage. I guess the mandarins that came up with this load of p*sh haven't been keeping up to date with developments in the colonies.


Anonymous said...

54% fail.

I got all the "which of the four" ones half right and failed the English NHS free prescription one (half of it anyway).

Buggered up all the statistical ones.

I suppose I will not get an English Passport.

Sheer bollox though.

Tant pis.

forfar-loon said...

Too bad Lupus. Lord Tebbit won't miss you I fear.

Life in the UK Test said...

I pass with 76%, Thank god. I practice in Life inthe UK Test.