Friday, 17 April 2009

The wages of sin

A rare beast skulked up to the portcullis in Brigadoon yesterday, casually wondering whether he could count on my vote for the Conservatives at the forthcoming Euro elections.

After I stopped laughing and had released the dogs I started thinking about tactical voting. Has disillusionment with New Labour's misrule really reached a point where upstanding Scots should consider a vote for the Tories in those few Scottish seats where they might unseat Labour (Jim Murphy's constituency for one)?

Thankfully I don't find myself with that dilemma in Brigadoon (rock-solid Natural Law Party territory since you ask, yogic flying being the only way in or out). But with the list of Labour's outrageous failings lengthening daily, I can imagine a fair few Scots will be thinking the unthinkable come election time.

Swinging into this picture I learn today, is that loveable rogue Tommy Sheridan. He is to stand proud as a candidate for the snappily-named NO2EU/Yes to Democracy coalition. This ragtag bunch of left-wing reprobates is being sponsored by those erstwhile rogues the RMT. Apparently none of the candidates intend to take up their seat at the EU should they be elected.

Now, first off I wonder if anyone would notice if they didn't turn up. Indeed the prospect of saving all those MEP expenses should easily be enough to see them romp home.

And secondly, how did it come to this? The RMT helped found the Labour party. Yet they are now so disgusted with what Labour has become, that not only have they severed their ties, but they are also actively campaigning against Labour. And how many other unions are considering the same heresy?

With any luck this will serve to split the Labour vote, leaving plenty room for the SNP to pick up a few seats. Or even (whisper it if you dare) for the Tories to rear their ugly heads again...

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