Thursday, 14 May 2009

Poll results: Who do you blame for the expenses scandal?

Individual MPs: 16 votes
Party leaders: 7
"The system": 8
Fred Goodwin: 2

So, it seems that individuals are mainly to blame, with a rap on the knuckles for the party leaders (presumably for failing to enforce expenses discipline?) and the system for allowing the abuses in the first place. And poor Fred Goodwin! (not a phrase you hear very often) He still attracts a protest vote! ;o)


subrosa said...

It's a disgrace the way most of them have had their hands in our pockets while telling us how to live our lives.

I'm disappointed in John Swinney buying a flat in Edinburgh since the SNP are in government. He never needed one before then so why now.

forfar-loon said...

Don't know much about JS and his flat subrosa, can you tell me more? Presumably as Finance Minister he needs to be in Edinburgh more of the time than previously...?