Friday, 8 May 2009

Resign! Resign! Resign!

Well, where to begin? And for that matter, where to end? Who to highlight among the vast crowd of guzzlers? It seems pretty clear that all parties will be shamed by the extent of embezzlement that has been going on, so no point trying to score points off parties at this stage.

No, the issue here is one of individual immorality, and it is individuals who must be held to account. There should be a raft of by-elections to let the people judge whether the expenses claimed have been reasonable. In fact it would be easier and better to have a general election, such is the widespread contempt that our MPs have held their constituents in.

The common excuses have been: "I acted entirely within the rules"; "The expenses wouldn't have been paid if they weren't reasonable"; and worst of all, from the PM himself, "The system is to blame".

You've had 12 years to reform the system Gordon! Why the sudden damascene conversion? Could it possibly be because you got caught red-trottered? Yes of course it could. You wouldn't have given reform of the expenses system a second thought if you'd been able to keep this all under wraps. Your feeble defence is utterly contemptible, nakedly self-serving pigswill of the lowest order. Your priorities for governing must now be: Resign! Resign! Resign!

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