Saturday, 18 July 2009

Angling for Salmond

Bereft of positive ideas for the future of Scotland, it would appear that Labour will be resorting to ad hominem attacks on Alex Salmond in order to bolster their flagging support. The Times reports that "the gloves are off" in their pursuit of the FM, these presumably being the same gloves that they haven't been able to lay on him for the last 2 years...

Iain Gray minus gloves...'armless as ever


Dramfineday said...

It appears to be silly season on all SNP MP's and MSPs if the Herald is anything to go by:

No cricket
Airguns in Glasgow
No Roads in Scotland
Calman must be a serious piece of work (but only as a package)
Alex's expenses
Soft on crime Kenny

forfar-loon said...

Aye geomal, that gun non-story about Kerr in yesterday's Herald was a piece of nonsense from beginning to end. I usually try to resist seeing political bias in these things: I find it's all too easy to see exactly what you're looking for. But there's really no other way to look at that article - a lot of froth and foam, usually a sure sign of rabies...