Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown: the mask slips

Looks like Gordon has just made the screw up of the campaign thus far, labelling a Rochdale pensioner a "bigoted woman" after she asked him some questions on immigration during a walkabout. Live wall-to-wall coverage on Sky News and BBC News at the moment...

All Labour supporters out there should take a look and see what kind of man is leading them.

Update: The lady in question has asked for an apology from Brown, but does not wish it to be made in person as she does not want to speak to him again. Wishful thinking I suspect, but I do hope the media leaves her in peace if that is what she wishes.

Update 2: Brown is live on Radio 2 and BBC News right now, apologising profusely for his comments. As they played his comments back to him he sat with his head in his hands. Immediately as the interview ended Brown strode out of the studio without a word to anyone. I wonder what he's saying now that he's beyond the reach of the microphones...

Update 3: Damage limitation operations are now underway, but to little effect. The lady in question has been telephoned by Gordon Brown (despite her wishes to the contrary) but remains unhappy. She will not be sending her postal vote for Labour apparently.

The title of this post says it all. In public Gordon Brown wears a mask, trying to be polite and willing to listen to other people. But the real character of the man appears to be to insult those who question him or disagree with him. Rumours of his tantrums have of course circulated for years, but this sorry incident lays bare the type of man he is, and should make us all ask: is this the behaviour we expect from the leader of our country?

Update 4: Brown is at Mrs Duffy's house, apologising in person, even though she clearly stated earlier that she didn't want to see him or speak to him. I wonder how much pressure was put on her to agree to this (assuming she did...).

The door to Mrs Duffy's house opens...where is Gordon? Did he need to nip to the loo before emerging to face the press...

He's out! What will he say...

First name terms, mortified, Gordon misunderstood what she said, penitent sinner, used wrong words, withdraws those words, Mrs Duffy has accepted the apology attempt to answer any of the assembled media's questions. Mrs Duffy is now quite rightly staying inside away from the baying mob of camera crews and correspondents.

Nice try Gordon, but putting the mask back on hasn't helped I'm afraid. You showed your true colours earlier today.

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