Monday, 26 April 2010

We're doooomed!

Dire warnings from the Pink 'un this morning: Brutal choices over British deficit. One passage in particular should give pause for thought. Using government figures the FT calculates that a new government would need to do the following in order to save £30-40 billion from the budget (necessary to halve the budget deficit by 2014):
  • a 5 per cent cut in public sector pay;
  • freezing benefits for a year;
  • means-testing child benefit;
  • abolishing winter fuel payments and free television licences;
  • reducing prison numbers by a quarter;
  • axing the two planned aircraft carriers;
  • withdrawing free bus passes for pensioners;
  • delaying Crossrail for three years;
  • halving roads maintenance;
  • stopping school building;
  • halving the spending on teaching assistants and NHS dentistry;
  • cutting funding to Scotland and Wales by 10 per cent.
Thought I'd save the best for last there! Abandon ship!

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