Thursday, 12 March 2009


Good news from Holyrood today as MSPs voted in favour of Health Board elections. Now, I'm not informed enough to know whether they'll do any good, but I'm all in favour of trying things!

Maybe it'll be an unmitigated disaster, who knows? Perhaps it'll be the dog's Rumbles, who knows? But how marvellous that we will actually try something out, see if it works, then decide whether to continue or can it.

Too often in this fine country ideas are greeted with gloom-laden reasons why they won't work, too rarely by ways to make them work. Make it happen Scotland, stoke the fires of ambition!


subrosa said...

I've mentioned you in this week's Subrosa's Super Seven blogs - I'm the Iain Dale of Scotland didn't you know lol.

forfar-loon said...

Thanks Iain, erm I mean subrosa...I'd better update the blog then, time to sharpen my crayons again :o)