Saturday, 7 March 2009

Labour conference in Dundee

Hello and welcome to this shiny new blog. The aim is simply to pose topical questions on the Scottish political scene, and allow you all to vote and comment as you see fit. Some might even claim it as part of the National Conversation ;o)

There's no pre-moderation here so you are responsible for the content of your comments! Yes, responsible! Imagine! Obviously if anything illegal appears, or if anyone makes a legitimate complaint then I might have to do some minimal censorship. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.

To business then: the Labour conference is happening in Dundee. What do you think of it? What did you make of Iain Gray's speech? Comments please and do vote in the poll to the right!


ed iglehart said...

Hi there, Loon!


Jediirnbru said...

Go on the Loon

Wonderfull idea.

I have just not read any positives reactions to Iain Greys speech or appearance at all. I still don't understand why the news should be covering this complete and utter non-event.

ed iglehart said...

The English version


subrosa said...

I thought I'd already posted on here - must be an age thing.

Happy new blog anyway FL and I've put you in my blogroll.

forfar-loon said...

Howdy friends! Nice of you all to drop in, thanks for the support!

Ed: enjoyed your Englandia, though I had to try hard to stop myself from singing along- damn you sir! Maybe your musical inspiration will bear fruit a bit later, stay tuned...

Jedi: we can only hope that everyone is able to see it for the non-event that it was. I thought I was watching Jurassic Park for a minute with all the Labour dinosaurs scuttling about.

subrosa: Had to read that twice! "Blogroll" you say? Thanks! This is all a bit new to me so it'll take a while to even approach the technical wizardry of your blog. But as and when my blogroll is set up you'll be the first to be added, closely followed by Ed!

Slainte one and all!

Richard the Rogue said...

Hiya loon!

Good stuff, I've bookmarked you :)