Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tommy the Statuesque

Evening one and all! Do my eyes deceive me?! Is the greatest comeback since Lazarus on the cards? Comrade Tommy is reported to be in discussions with the RMT to stand in some kind of left wing coalition in the Euro elections in June. What do you make of it? And how would the mooted coalition affect the Labour vote? Do any of you even know your MEP's name?! (I know I don't) NB The Sheridan legal proceedings are ongoing so tread very carefully please!

Also, do any of you have any suggestions for the new "Gateway to Scotland" (or England depending on your perspective!) statue near Gretna? What would you like to see welcoming/farewelling visitors to our little piece of the planet? A 100-ft high statue of Rev IM Jolly? A 100-ft wide animatronic of Alex Salmond? Unleash your imaginations if you dare...!


Anonymous said...

Hi Forfar-loon

Just thought you might like to know there's another site with the name Brigadoon, which would be particularly useful for Broon -

"An innovative online community for people dealing with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism."

From oldnat (forgot my Google password!)

forfar-loon said...

Thanks oldnat, I'm no expert on such things but good to know there's help out there for anyone afflicted in that way.

I think I might have asparagus syndrome, can't wait for this years crop...hoping to escape Brigadoon for a trip to the in-laws soon and Spargelcremesuppe will be top of the list...