Monday, 9 March 2009

Constitutional poll

Evening all. I've added a new poll at the bottom of the blog: simply choose one or more of your favoured constitutional settlements for Scotland. The intention is to leave the poll there for a good long while, perhaps even until the next Holyrood election. Hopefully a good few votes will come in...shame we won't be getting that chance in the real world!

Oh, and don't forget the poll on Iain Gray's conference speech on the right hand side - currently Darling's botched clone is struggling for support, surely there must be some more Labour voters out there capable of using the internet...?


clochoderic said...

Great new blog, Loon - added to my Favouites.

And yes, i voted in both polls.

forfar-loon said...

Thanks clochoderic (snappy name!), spread the word!

subrosa said...

I've voted in both, glad I voted yesterday on the Gray man's speech because I've forgotten it now :)

forfar-loon said...

Thanks subrosa, but who's the Gray man...?!