Monday, 16 March 2009

Awa' Whigs, Awa'

Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Ye're but a pack o' Labour goons,
Ye'll dae nae guid at a'.

Oor thistle withered with nae care,
Frae thorny Labour roses;
An' Whigs served well as their manure,
Nae need tae hold their noses!

Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Ye're but a pack o' shrivelled prunes,
Ye'll dae nae guid at a'.

Oor ancient Ming's showin' signs o' rust,
If Salmond maks him crabbit.
The Clinton hand oor statesman shook,
Wad leave auld Ming sair wabbit!

Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Ye're but a pack o' bland buffoons,
Ye'll dae nae guid at a'.

LibDems' decay tae light-flyweight,
Has left them scarce survivin'.
Poor Tavish couldnae get much worse,
Doon tae the canvas divin'!

Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Ye're but a pack o' burst balloons,
Ye'll dae nae guid at a'.

Slim cogence frae Vince Cable's trap,
On independence squawkin'!
At least he came in Nick Clegg's stead,
Tae spare us mair beige-talkin'!

Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Awa' Whigs, awa'!
Ye're but a pack o' daft baboons,
Ye'll dae nae guid at a'.


ed iglehart said...

Great, as usual!

Anonymous said...

When Charlie got the leadership

His sonsie face was beamin`

Alas he couldny last the pace

He spent the hale time steamin!

forfar-loon said...

Thanks Ed! And good work clochoderic! :o) If the LibDems had any sense they'd get Charlie boy into Holyrood as leader asap. He's got enough of the common touch and enough smarts to give Eck a run for his money, more so than Tavish anyway!

subrosa said...

What an awfy clever lot you are here. Great stuff.

I agree, Charlie would do nothing but good for Scotland if he came north. The libdems are an irrelevance at present with their to-ing and fro-ing.

ed iglehart said...

It looks like it might have been me what broke the blogs at BBC! I didn't mean to - honest guv!

I got an email yeaterday (very polite too!):
Dear Ed Iglehart

Thank you for your comments to the BBC blogs and your testing of the comment system.

While we genuinely appreciate the research you're doing on the new templates, the posts are causing a significant amount of technical disruption and we have been forced to close your account temporarily.

Can you please reply to this email to confirm that you will stop testing the templates so that we are able to reinstate your account?

Many thanks.


BBC Central Communities Team

Naturally, I promised to be a good boy, and waited, but no redemption yet.

Meanwhile, I reincarnated myself, and was sending a simple comment on the "new look for blogs" thread, but ended with "Sound as a £", and it went doolally....

They'll probably be sending me another email...

forfar-loon said...

Ed, that's hysterical! I did wonder why the blogs had been acting up, now we know!

It's pretty poor that an organisation as big as the Beeb can't sort this out. How hard can it be to get common symbols like £ to appear?

Let me know if your reincarnation gets another email from the blog squad!

forfar-loon said...

Ed, i took a look at the minor rebellion that you started (New look for BBC blogs). The last comment is:

77. At 2:08pm on 20 Mar 2009, NickReynolds wrote:

I'm afraid gentlemen that Ed's comments were off topic.

1. The blog post is not about moderation on BBC blogs, its about the new look and feel for blogs.

2. What Ed appeared to be doing was testing what characters would work in comments. By repeatedly testing this he (hopefully inadvertently rather than maliciously) caused the comments on this blog to fail. As a result I could not post a comment asking him to stop for a number of hours. This kind of behaviour disrupts the blogs for other users.

The post is not about browsers either.

Stay on topic and no more disruptive behaviour please.

Oooh! Get him! Do you want to tell him that aye_write isn't a gentleman or shall I? And presumably such a sexist assumption is against House Rules? Who moderates the moderators...?

ed iglehart said...

"Do you want to tell him that aye_write isn't a gentleman or shall I?"
I think maybe she should do it. Should we push her?

I've considered changing my 'nickname' to
"The Man Who Broke The Blogs of Britain"